Cracks appear in the Caliphate

Video released through Dijlah media showing the beheading murder of three alleged collaborators.

The video is much the same as most of the ‘ground spoilers’ execution deaths, men dressed in orange, handcuffed speak a dialogue which outlines their collaboration, followed by a knife pointing dialogue, threats and then agricultural beheading.

The most outstanding aspect of this release is the clothes worn by the executioners. The ‘dish-dash’ wearing men arrive riding bareback on horses, with all the macho hollywood props. Knife pointing dialogue as usual and then the wide low pan as the victims blood coagulates in the desert sun.

Are cracks appearing in the Caliphate? Do Daesh feel the need to advertise a collaborators fate as Russian airstrikes slowly erode the ground morale?


I have added some pics from the past week



upside downDaesh


Roadside IED’s disguised as rocks