Christians Executed – “Until there came to them – Clear evidence”


Video has been released from “Furqan Foundation for Media Production Progress” and is titled, “Until There Came To Them – Clear Evidence“. The video is some twenty-nine minutes long, an excerpt can be seen below.


The video is interspersed with Church demolition and interviews conducted with Christians from the “People of Dhimmah”, which outline the jizyah payment or tax to Islamic State. Four dinars, (18 grams) in gold or a payment in silver. 


The video ends showing the execution by firing squad of one group of men at a location Wilyat Fazzan subtitled, “The worshipers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian Church” and then another graphic mass beheading on a beach shown as Wilayah Barqa. The video is brutal, as is the dialogue from the masked narrator, describing how non-believers will not be safe, “even in your dreams“.

video excerpt below

The complete 29 minute video 

Update 21st April 2015

ISIS executes three asylum seekers deported by Israel