Careful what you say – Control Order for Comments

Adelaide man, George Dickson placed on a NSW Control Order after events following a 2018 arrest in Nimbin for pot possession and resist arrest. After the arrest processing in Lismore, Police refused to take Mr Dickson back to where he was staying, some 30km away in Nimbin. This led to Mr Dickson throwing stones at parked Police cars resulting in his re-arrest.

So how does this get someone on a Terror Control Order?

It was what he said at a group counselling session in custody.

 The co-ordinator made a report of his threats to “blow up Parliament.”

“a threat to do a terrorist act is itself a terrorist act.” Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC 

For three months Dickson has been required to wear electronic tracking and live in a shelter in Yennora, Sydney. Each week Dickson must map out his itinerary for the week which is subject to review by Corrections NSW.

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