Cantlie – From inside Mosul

The 8th video from John Cantlie , “From inside Mosul”.

Cantlie takes the viewer on a tour around Mosul narrating that the electricity is in fact on and the city is just like any city in the world as citizens go about their daily activities, while referencing Western Media articles announcing that Mosul only has electricity for a number of hours a day and the city is in a state of chaos. Cantlie invites the viewer to see the obvious, at one point yelling at an over head drone,

“..try to rescue me something..useless,..absolutely useless“.


A visit to a hospital with Cantlie entering a ward for very young children who have for want of a better description, ‘shell shock‘ is used as a means of conveying the Islamic State’s resolve, “Islamic State is prevailing, they can take it“,  doing his best Churchill.

To make a point Cantlie is then seen riding a police motorbike, albeit with a man clad in all black riding pillion. This is just after Cantlie is seen exiting passenger side from a Police Car.

Cantlie describes the area the Caliphate has control over, that being from Ayn al-Arab (Kobanî) to Mosul,  as he walks about one of the large street bazaars, careful not to attract too big a crowd of curious onlookers.

When this video was made may be of interest as the recent activity in the region suggest Kurdish forces have now regained control of about 70 percent of territory.(here)