Cantlie Inside Halab

Another video appears with John Cantlie scrambling through the ruins of HalabCantlie goes to great lengths throughout the video to show how normal life is in the besieged area. He takes the viewer to a Sharia Law Court, or at least that’s what he says, or is it a public waiting room for an optometrist?


I’m not exactly sure what Cantlie thinks he is conveying but in reality he is doing more harm than good.

One interesting point is that he describes this video as the last in a series…what that could mean who knows?

The video lacks some of the sophistication seen in previous videos, such as colour correction details. However the same purchased transition kits gets a working out at an attempt to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

Sharia Law Courts in UK March 2014 (here) and then November 2014 (here)

video below

The ubiquitous White Helmets skulk about, loitering like pick-pockets up to no good…

two images from google earth of Halab