Brookman – frying pan into the fire


Adam Brookman has the auspicious mantle of being the first Australian to be charged with “performing services with intention of supporting a person to engage in a hostile activity in a foreign state.” under the new Foreign Fighters legislation.

Mr Brookman had surrendered himself to Turkish officials last Tuesday and was finally arrested on Friday night on his arrival in Sydney. Federal Police extradited Mr Brookman to Melbourne on Saturday evening.


It is alleged Brookman performed guard duty and reconnaissance for Islamic State during his time in Syria. Mr Brookman claims he was forced to join Islamic State which raises the question as to why he was allowed to leave.

Mr Brookman’s next appearance is slated for November 16th 2015.

May 2016 – FBI evidence used in case(here)

August 2016  Court Appearance – (here) – His committal hearing is scheduled for October 3.