Australian Terror Plot foiled – July 2017

Late Saturday Australian police have put the mockers on a plot to attack a civil aircraft with an IED. The raids took place in the Sydney suburbs of Surry Hills, Lakemba, Wiley Park and Punchbowl. The raids are considered to be linked to previous investigation. (see August 3rd Update below)



The AFP is investigating the possibility that the plot was dreamed up in Syria and could have been targeting a flight out of Jakarta.”

Four Lebanese Australians, including at least one father and son, two fathers and two sons, remain in custody, with police granted an extension to hold them for a further seven days.”  (news article)

Justice Minister Michael Keenan said 70 people had been charged as a result of 31 terror operations since 2014.

Timeline of events 

December 16, 2014  – Lindt Cafe Seige – Man Monis

February 12, 2015  – Sydney Terror Attack Foiled

 April 18th, 2015  – ANZAC Day terror attack foiled

April 25, 2015   – Terror Arrest

June 15, 2015    – Terror Arrest

October 3. 2015   – Sydney Shooting – Teen gunman dusted

December 23, 2016Terror Attack Thwarted

February 28, 2017 – Australian IS Rocket Man Arrested

June 7, 2017  – Melbourne Shootout with Police

Another event worth noting is the Coroner’s report into the death of Numan Haider (Coroner’s Inquest Report – pdf) and flashback to 2015 (OpRising – tangentcode)

News Report 31 July 2017 regarding Haider Inquest

UPDATE August 3rd 2017 – Wheelchair seized

UPDATE August 4th 2017 – IED “mailed in”


Flashback #2 – Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaking in House of Reps February 12, 2015.