Australian Terror Perps Sentenced

Sulayman Khalid sentenced to twenty two years (non parole of sixteen years nine months) for conspiracy to commit terror acts,  Mohamed Al Maouie​, 21,​ sentenced to a maximunm of 18 years and Farhad Said, 25 sententenced to nine years and six months with a minimum of ten years and one month.

The unidentified teen also arrested at the time was sentenced to thirteen years jail with a minimum of ten years and one month.

knucklehead Inc

Young people throw thier lives away, but in some weird way, believe they are going to a better place, Prislam. 

The trouble with these knuckleheads is Khalid had been on National TV spruiking about an attack. 



Image from May 2016 – Fan Art – note the tattoo 


UPDATE – Nov 4th 2017

Australian who allegedly wanted to join terrorist group detained in Lebanon (abc)