Australian Man arrested advocating terrorism to kill Jewish People

A South Australian man was arrested in relation to videos he had made in November 2015. The man, his name surpassed by the courts, was at the time of his arrest, in jail in the States high-security Yatala Labour Prison. 

“In each video the defendant is depicted advocating with other persons engaged in acts of terrorism via the defendant providing explicit verbal instructions as well as physical demonstrations with weapons as to how to kill Jewish people,” said Commonwealth prosecutor John Clover.

The man is charged under section 80.2C of the Criminal Code Act 1995, which prohibits advocating the “doing” or “commissioning” of a terrorist act.

Videos advocating harm to Jewish people are not uncommon on internet upload sites. The charges alleged arise from a hotline tip which may have arisen after the videos were seen publicly


The case is listed for a hearing in March when declarations would be filed, a hearing in February is listed when a mental health report will be received.