Australian IS Rocket Man Arrested – Operation Markesberg

Press Conference.


A man has been arrested in Young N.S.W for attempting to design rockets for Daesh.  Below is the Channel 7 News Report.

UPDATE – Operation Markesberg

Haisem Zahab, 42, was allegedly accessing substantial amounts of information online about what materials he could buy to build the missile and a laser warning device, as well as instructions on how to construct it.

Some of his relatives had been identified more than 18 months ago during Operation Markesberg, which led to yesterday’s arrests.

Those relatives include Hicham Zahab, who was arrested and charged with being a key player in a major arms smuggling syndicate supplying surface to air missiles to IS.

Australian Federal Police seized more than $500,000 from the accounts of Hicham Zahab, his wife Aminah, son Muhammad and daughter-in-law Mariam Raad in 2015, after the family fled Australia.

UPDATE – May 28th 2018 “The Terror Tradie”

NSW Supreme court have released images found on Zahab’s computers. Sentencing takes place June 7th 2019.

mental health issues jump out of the handwritten notesNozel?

Hobby Rockets range from backyard to serious.

Hobby rocket mini engines can be purchased over the internet.

It is alleged Zahab was constructing a laser sensor device, which he is later said to be constructed for playing ‘laser tag’ with his son.

image shows 3D printed components.

  Zahab now says he was duped by his fantasy role play in a cult and it was all just a big misunderstanding. This claim is supported by Zahab contesting that none of the information was ever sent to Daesh.

“I’m fully embarrassed to have been sucked into what I consider is like a cult,”