Assad Interview July 2016

The video below contains the SBS Australia Interview with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad which aired on Australian Television channel SBS,  July 1st, 2016.

This video contains the preface to the interview which goes someway to explain the Syrian crisis through a series of time line events with snappy transitions and media icon imagery. Assad at one point seems exasperated by the flux of the interviewers questions as he explains a number of issues which are ignored by mainstream media such as the fact that sixty countries in a coalition failed to stop ISIS, but within weeks of Russian support they were ‘on the run’ and struggling. Assad also points out one issue that the “coalition” has misunderstood, the real issue in regard the Daesh in Raqqa, is not the territory they “occupy”, rather it is the indoctrination of local population and the remnants of the ideology once Daesh have been removed, much like a time delayed fuse.

For a full transcript (here) video below

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