Ask Zelda : manipulation inside the machine


Cryptome have received a reply to an FOI request regarding a subject which normally would n’t rate a blink in the digital landscapes.

Ask Zelda  a forum slash bulletin board on the NSA intranet where employees write in about office nuances of co-workers and the daily grind of working in the Ivory Tower.

Whether the submissions are from actual real employees is something which becomes irrelevant as the reader becomes immersed in the advice the complaints receive.

Submissions from ‘the Invisible woman’ and ‘Pollyanna’ ,which conjures up all sorts of Eleanor H. Porter imagery, entertain in a somewhat light hearted, meandering way.

However the true intent of Ask Zelda is to massage and manipulate the employees with a proxy surrogate agony aunt.

Issues are discussed and advice is administered in a spoon full of medicine, mother knows best routine befitting the all pervasive doctrines of the NSA.

Is it a construct by bored human resource managers eager to sand blast any future dissenters with third hand glory hole bitching?

Or do you think that the NSA employees are that stupid to use an internal intranet to complain under a sock account such as “Not anybody’s slave”?

The screen cap below for example could be anyone you care to listen to who has left the NSA in the last decade.

The advice extended I’m sure would remain the same.