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ISIS – Fallujah Assassinations

Japan – Vehicular Attack

West Africa – May 2019 

ISIS video editing support busted – Australia

AMAQ – May 2019

Manchester – Stabbing Attack

Germany – Bottrop Xenophobic Attack

45th President Christmas 2018 Iraq

FBI Breach – real or Fake?

The Taxi Driver

Holding Wounds of their Nation – Series – 2015 – 2018

The NZ Connections

Senator Egged

Christchurch Shootings

No Free Steps – Epilogue

Returning Fighters, Wives and Children

Fulfilling the Promise – Kirkuk

Men Who Have Been Truthful – Somalia

Philippines- January 2019

Australia Day 2019 – No protest here celebration.

Melbourne – Rape – Murder

Tarneit – January 2019 – Melbourne Rage

Daesh Africa – Emigration and Fighting – Operation Barkhane

Sydney – Police Chase-Stabbing-Suicide

Tunisian Photo Journalist Self Immolates

Factories of Men – Anbar

Strasbourg Shooting

Assaults of the Monotheists – Barakah – Parts 1, 2 & 3

Paris – Crisis Actors

AMAQ – 23 November 2018

Melbourne Terror Arrests – November 2018

Way of the Righteousness – Sayna

Melbourne – Bourke Street Terror Event – November 2018

Borderline Bar Shooting – Ventura

Inside the Caliphate – 8

Daesh counter attack October 26 2018

Islamic State – North Baghdad October 2018

Kerch Polytechnic Shooter

Sit and Wait For Them At Every Place – Kirkuk

Harvest of Humiliation – Kirkuk

Flames of War – Three

West Africa – Islamic State

Sydney University Contractor faces terror plot charges

Harvest of the Soldiers – Parts 1, 2, 3, 4   (December 2018 – Part 20)

Toronto Shooting

Logan Robertson – Deportation for Mosque Visit

Mindanao – July 2018 Offensive

Counter Terror Raids – Australia

Annapolis Newspaper Shooting

Terror Suspect – Missed Prison Bus

Moscow – footpath taxi

Vic Market Bomb Plot – Media Hype

Assad Interview – 31 May 2018

Liege – one day later – May 2018

Conquer the Enemies Kirkuk

Damascus – 100%

Fit for Trial?

Indonesia – Surabaya Police Checkpoint attacks

Indonesia and France – pre Ramadan attacks

Then is it the judgement of ignorance they desire? Furat

Toronto Van Rampage

Sydney Terror Arrest (2018)- Clockwork Orange Syndrome

So Will They Not Repent To God – Dimashq

The Failed Confrontation – Sanai

Nazi Part in Australia 1964

Everyone Wants To Be Fuehrer – National Socialism in Australia and New Zealand

Shadows of the Slaughter 5

Shadows of the Slaughter 4

Shadows of the Slaughter 3

Shadows of the Slaughter 2

Shadows of the Slaughter 1

Glory of Jihad – 2

City of Ghosts

Amaq – February 17 2018 – Bahra

Sinai – Protectors of Islamic Law – Feb 2018

Inside the Caliphate – 7

Amaq – East of Tikrit

Australian Terror Event – stabbed while sleeping

And You Will Not Harm Him At All – al-Khayr

Sinia – War on Hamas

Awakening factions and Joining the Caliphate

Inside the Caliphate – 6

Inside the Caliphate – 5

Answer the Call – Hayat

Wounded In the Way of God – Furat

Anbar – Proxy War

al-Homsi – VBIED Farewell

Amaq-Idlib Captives held by Daesh-14-Jan-2018

Captive SAA – Abu Dahour military airport.

Defend Your State- 2

Just Terror – Sitautional Awareness

Inside the Caliphate – 4 (Sept 2017)

Melbourne – vehicular terror event

Australia – Foreign Fighter Arrested

Preventative Priorities Survey 2018

And God Will Be Sufficient For You Against Them (4) – Wilayat al-Furat

Port Authority – New York fumbled terror attack

UK terror plot to attack Prince

Saleh dead – Yemen

Flames of War – 2 – Until the Final Hour

Healing of the souls, Slaughtering the Spy – #4

Amaq- Nov 15 – 19 Nov – 2017

And Be Harsh Upon Them 

Australia – Philippines – helping to build capacity

Australian Terror Perps Sentenced

Mirsad Kandic – the foreign fighter recruiter

New York – hire truck killing

Ammo smuggled in Goats  

Funding Clown – “beauty tips” with Isa Kocoglu

Deir Ezzor – Ammo Dump Drone Video

Knights of the Fortified Strongholds

Abu Sayyaf Leaders killed – October 2017

Somalia – October 2017

Descendants of Ibn Jubayr – Khayr

Ninawa – Processed Jihadists – October 2017

Profit Selling – Furat

Australian Counter Terror Laws – October 2017

Deash Media Office Letters

Raqqah – We Are The Best Responders

Hell of the Apostates -2

Child Marriage – Melbourne 2017

Khayr – Desert Fire Fight – 2 – September 2017

Dust of War – 3 – Raqqah

Three Days before Deir Ezzor – ANNA

Amaq- Drone Find September 2017

Progress of the Battle in Hama – September 2017

The People of Constancy – Kirkuk – September 2017

Amaq – September – 2017

Dust Of War – 2 – Raqqah

Amaq – Bombing a Communications vehicle near the city of Sukhna

Lucky – Khattab Media – Mosul August 2017

Raqqah – Zakat destroyed

The First Rain – The Raid of Barcelona

Raqqah – Birthed Nation 4

Khayr – Desert Fire Fight – August 2017

Inside the Khalifah-3- Marawi

Most Powerful Buttonhole – Al Battar – Philippines

Raqqah – The Dust of War


Al Hayat – Inside the Khalifah

Terror Plot Investigation – August 4, 2017

Geology Academics Kidnapped – Boko Haram-July 2017

Inside the Khilafah – Copper Coins

Australian Terror Plot foiled – July 2017

The State of the Euphrates – Furat – 25 JULY 2017

Amaq – 22 July-13 August – 2017

Marawi – 20 July 2017

Al-Khayr – Burdens – July 2017

Message to Egyptian Government – August 2015

Raqqa – 3 – Birthed Nation

The Captains of the Embers

Amaq July 10 – innocent casualties

Sinai – April 2015

Syria – Khayr –  So they will not repent – July-2017

Mosul – One of the two good outcomes – Islamic State – July 2017

They Left Their Beds Empty – al-Jazirah

War is a Debate – Fallujah

Raqqa – Birthed Nation – 2

Islamic State – A Birthed Nation 1 – Raqqa

Den of the Mujahidin – Furat

Bali Bomber Mastermind Finally Charged

Purification of the Souls – Raqqa

And God Will Be Sufficient For You Against Them (3) – Wilayat al-Furat

South Western Pacific Asia – Tiger in the Room

Melbourne – Shootout with Police

London Bridge is falling down

Structure of the Caliphate – July 2016

Shooting Tanks – Mosul

Lindt Cafe Seige – Post Inquest 2017

Manchester to Jakarta to Egypt –  May 2017

Answering the Call – al-Khayr

Penalty of the Treacherous – Karkuk

El-Adde POW – Senior Private Alfred Kilasi – Plea for Help

Advice for Martyrdom Seekers in the West- Hamza Bin Laden

Complete Bankruptcy

Terror Finance Report – stopping the money

Raqqah – April 2017

Stay For the End Times – Halab

Heartbeats – Sinai peninsula of Egypt

Arrows of the Monotheists – Karkuk

Alert When There Is Danger – April 2017

Surely Falsehood is Ever Bound to Vanish

Featured Video – April 2017

Saint Petersburg – April 2017

The Evil Plot – Wilayat al-Janub

Free Us or Kill Us – David Ngugi Wataari

Story of Nafir – Raqqa

London Car Terror Attack

And You Will Be Superior 

Vanguards of Redemption – Ain Assad Air Base Fire Fight

Words drenched in Blood

Daesh Battle POV – Drone Bombing and Looting

Australian IS Rocket Man Arrested

Daesh Drone Bombing-2

Daesh Drone Bombing Run – POV

Crack Down Upon Them – Wilayat al-Raqqah

Made Me Alive With His Own Blood

Confronting ISIS – Documentary

The Procession of Light

Iraq – twin bomb blasts – Jan 2017

Raqqah’s Orphan Fighters

Turkey – Reina Nightclub shooting

Australian Terror Attack Thwarted

Turkish Soldiers Burnt Alive

Karlov Assassination Connections

“Hunters of the Shields” – Abrams Tank v Islamic State (Mosul)

Australian Man arrested advocating terrorism to kill Jewish People

Harbinger of the Deaths – Wilayat Dimashq

Those Are My Fathers – Recruitment drive with a bullet

John Cantlie – Mosul has a problem

Daesh Recruiter Captured in Turkey

Repent and You Will Have Safety From Us

Daesh Drone Vision VBIED Attack – November 2016

Sydney Terror Arrests – November 2016

And God Will Be Sufficient For You Against Them (2)

Moorooka Bus Fire Death

Teen Terror Arrests – October 2016

Supermax prison further radicalising inmates

Honor is in Jihad – Balkans

Economic and Social Inclusion to Prevent Violent Extremism – World Bank Report

AlShabaab Kenyan Rifles PoW – Leonard Maingi Kiiyo Speaks

FSA torture Alawite man into unconsciousness

Wilayat Bengal – Boko Haram – September 2016

Turkish Backed Rebels Leaked Video – September 2016

Malaysian Terror Arrests – September 2016

So Take Warning – Wilāyat Halab

Ninawa Execution with Cub first kill

Daesh Battle video- al-Mareer Village, South of al-Qayyarah

Somalia – Pledge and Threat

Making of Illusion – process killing

The Glory of Jihād – Wilāyat al-Barakah

Rumiyah – Australian Threat

ISIS European Terror Travel Network

Rats in Paradise – Hamdi AlQudsi sent down

Canadian Hostage – Afghanistan – video

The Crumbling Nations

French Backpacker stab frenzy attack – Australia

Life inside the Caliphate – Kirkuk August 2016

South of Manbij – VBIED

Mosul – Qayyarah – Tuzhurmatu – August 2016

Mosul Hospital – August 2016

The state of the Euphrates : Vsikveckhm God

European Terror Time Line – Nov 2015 – July 2016

Your Silence is Killing You & Their Allegiance and Our Terrorism

Child Beheading July 2016

Nice Attack – Asawirti Media

Gates of Fustat

Turkey – Coup d’état – July 2016

VIED – drone vision of attack

Bastille Day Lone Wolf

Cantlie guide to exploded Mosul

Allah’s Soliders – Undercover

Raqqah Indoctrination

Daesh Ideology – Spin Doctor

Khorasan -The Graveyard of Murtadeen 2

Assad Interview July 2016

Al Bukamal – Slaughter Story

Inspired By Satan – Internet Spies Executed

The Solid Edifice – The Philippines

You are not held responsible except for yourself

Terror Teen Arrest – Sydney

Raiding the Villages to Spread Guidance

The Religion of Kufr is One

Abu Sayyaf – ransom demands ongoing

So Fight Against the Allies of Satan 

John Ridsdel Murdered by Abu Sayyaf – Video

So They Kill and Are Killed

ANZAC Day – Teen Terror Arrest

Assassination of Saudi Police Colonel Kitab Majid Al Hammadi

And Cast Terror into their Hearts

Palmyra – March 2016

And Cast Terror Into Their Hearts

Abū Sayyāf in Sulu – Pledge of Allegiance

Port Arthur Massacre + 20

Moscow Child Beheading

Kill them wherever you find them – Daesh Pulp

They Are the Enemy so Beware of Them

Kami Tidak Takut – Indonesian Phone App

Mosul is Waiting

Instructions to Indonesia

Jakarta Blast

Philippines – flags and Bay’ah

Ahrar ash-Sham-ground fighting

Shuhada al-Yarmouk – execution by explosion

Daesh pleads for twitter accounts

Cracks appear in the Caliphate

ArRaqqah Russian Message – December 2015

No Respite – Daesh – “BRING IT ON”

National Security – Australian Prime Minister – 24 November 2015

The Making of a Teenage Terrorist

Jacqui Lambie – FIGHTING ISIL

Ahrar al-Sham – Battle Field Archers – anti tank training

Everybody wants to rule the world – Daesh Parody

Obama – ANTALYA #G20

Paris Attacks – AlHayat Media response

Paris Attacks – The First of the Storm

Trinidad and Tobago to Islamic State Mujahideen

Huweija Prison raid – Message to Obama

Collaborators Extinguished – Ninawa

Abu Sayyaf – October 2015

Execution by Tank – October 2015

Until Religion, All of It Is For God – Islamic State Dilution


Notation made by immigrants Sham Russians Cemetery

Roar Camps – Ahrar al-Sham camps in the southern sector

How Often A Small Group Overcame A Mighty Host By Allah’s Leave

Putin on Syria – October 11th 2015

Boko Haram – Borno revenge

The soldiers of God – Hamas

The Main Enemy

Web Warzone

President Assad – Full Text October 2015 Interview

Peshmerga Executions

Islamic State Media Release Agenda

Al Hasakah Beheadings

Refugee Crisis deconstructed

The Legacy of the Prophetic Methodology

Abbott Extending Australian Airstrikes – 26 August 2015

The Rise of ISIS

Geolocating Islamic State – Al Bukamal


Brookman – frying pan into the fire

Homs Child Executioner

France – rising tide of anti Muslim sentiment

Drone Spy beheading

Haditha – French Foreign Fighter’s Dust offensive

Repent before Capture or Die

Carrying out the Hadd

Death by RPG, Drowning and Detonating cord

Lebanese Prison Torture

Khaled Sharrouf – legacy of a madman

26th June 2015  – domino attacks

Boko Haram – West African Islamic State Validation

[AlAnbar] Ghazwah Abu Turab Al Anshari – Pembebasan Albu Faraj Di Ramadi

Change-of-Heart Jihadists

Fall of Ramadi

Yemen – IS Motorbike Assassins

Death by Beating -ar-Raqqah Revenge

Garland – “two men with explosives shot dead”

Captured Daesh soldiers Interview – “No Free Steps to Heaven”

Shabwa Province, Yemen – Islamic State executions

Graffiti via Drone

Obama – Happy

Messages from Jund al-Khilafah Tripoli

Australian Doctor Recruiting Call from Ar-Raqqah

IS Recruiter – Abu Khaled Al-Cambodi from Australia

Cub Caravan – Information Office of the mandate of Nineveh

Christians Executed – “Until there came to them – Clear evidence”

Operation Rising-ANZAC Domestic Terror Plot foiled


Anti Halal in Australia – Beef, Bumpkins and the Internets

Bendigo-The Town that said ‘NO’ to Islam – 2014 – 2018

Message to the People of Yemen

Panama Handshake –  Rául’s Havana Hat trick?

Killing in America – Ongoing

end of internet torrents? – iiNet & speculative invoicing

al-Shabaab Message – “Burying Kenya’s Hopes”

Street Beheadings – Islamic State Style

Message to Kazakhstan from Muhajidin

Garissa University Easter Attack (2015)

Islamic State – Message to Assad Soldiers

Islamic State – Saving a dog

‘Strike their Neck’ – Hama Beheading

Libya – Benghazi suicide attack (March 25 2015)

Islamic State Orphan Soldiers

Peshmerga beheading – IS Reply to Bombings

IS claim Tunis Bardo Museum Attack

Baga regained – destruction of Boko Haram

Burying Bechar Assad Shiite forces Ahlu Sunnah

Mandate of Fallujah – 9 executed

From allegiance to the Islamic Khilafah State Khorasan

Prevent Prayer

Jake – the Kamikaze kid

Sniper – Islamic State Pit Viper 

Evil is what they buy – Mossad Spy Executed

‘Frenchman’ – Abu Suhayb al-Faransi – Story From the Land of Life

Message to those who excuse of not excused – signing version

Daesh vs Twitter and assorted fakes

Teenage captive – executed

Daesh Guerrilla Training – Expert Level

Harvest of Spies – Western Sudan, Nigeria

Nemtsov shooting – CCTV

Daash Lash Back – Culture Crushing. Fail

Situation on the ground with Daash – 25 Feb 2015

Gemalto – heads or tails? Fake!

Peshmerga caged defiance

Al Anbar Baghdadia fire fight

Yemen – car bombs and Roadside IED’s – Hadhramaut

Demolishing the Idols – or collecting recyclables?

A Message Signed in Blood to the Nations of the Cross

Caged Peshmerga Prisoners Paraded in Hawija

Drones Hit Hard

Crashed Iranian Drone – Islamic State fake

Peshmerga Sniper vs. Suicide Bomber

Sydney Terror Attack foiled – data retention next

Making a silencer for a Heckler & Koch MP5 – Islamic State Style

State of North Baghdad – an ambush in the area Aldhabtih

Deir ez-Zor دير الزور  execution of SAA Soldier

Cantle Inside Halab

Nigerian Pilot beheaded

Aleppo Vilayet – accommodation limit on the ground spoilers

Healing of the Believers’ Chests – Islamic State

Kenji Goto Jogo – IS Beheading

Security and Intelligence Joint Committee Proceedings – Jan 2015

Boko Haram – Explaining the Fight

Second Public Message of ‘Kenji Goto Jogo’ to his Family and the Gov of Japan

Wikileaks’ sword of Damocles

Bangladesh Arrests – video blowback

Labour Leader Matthew Gardiner – leaves to fight with Kurds

IS – Recalibrate demands and Kenji Beheaded

Barrett Brown – 30 month sabbatical?

Boko Haram – Message to the world from Imam Shekau

IS and the Tor connect

Japan and Islamic State – broken men, broken dreams

Satellite Images of a Country at War – Nigeria v Boko Haram

NATO – Taliban Kill List

Islamic State Cub Killers – Total War

Islamic State Cyber Jihad – Fake?

The Imitation Game

France unravels

Cantlie – From inside Mosul

Rising Strategic Issues – NSA SIGDEV and FastMail

NSA Reports to the President’s (IOB)

Data Retention – Proposed Data Set

Barrett Brown – sentencing continuance – January 22nd 2015

Man Monis Haron – Digital Epitaph

Sydney Hostage Siege – Hostage videos

John Cantlie – Lend Me Your Ears – Episode 6

IS – 18 Syrian Soldiers Mass beheading & Peter Kassig

Inside Kobanî with Cantlie

Cantlie – Lend me your ears -Episode

Cantlie – Lend me your ears – Episode 4

Cantlie Lend me your ears – Episode 3

Cantlie – ‘lend me your ears’  – Episode 2

Islamic State Beheads British Aid Worker Alan Henning

John Cantlie – Lend Me Your Ears (Episode 1)

Islamic State Algerian Group Theatens to Kill French Hostage in 24 Hours if Holland Continues Iraq Airstrikes

Flames of War

John Cantlie – ‘Lend me your ears’ Introduction

IS – Sotloff Murder video

Foley murder

Haines Muder

Ask Zelda

Death Machine vs. Death Machine

The Confidence Game