And God Will Be Sufficient For You Against Them (2)


Nearly ten minute video delivering a warning to collaborators through pattern transitions and graphics meshed with Western News clips, some detailed personal slides of Coalition leaders, with executions of prisoners affiliated with the US-backed FSA-linked New Syrian Army.


One the executed men, Abduallah Abdl Hay worked in a mobile phone shop, was arrested after his brother appeared in a training video of the FSA in Jordan. Another man executed, Anis Ismail, was a firefighter, arrested after Daesh inspected his phone and found one of his conversations with some of the NSA affiliates. The charges and reasons that that led to the execution of the third man, Mohamed Abdlallati have not been identified yet.


The video titled “And God Will Be Sufficient for You Against Them” is a second part to the July 2016, “The state of the Euphrates : Vsikveckhm God” (tangentcode)

The audio messages from the captured devices.