[AlAnbar] Ghazwah Abu Turab Al Anshari – Pembebasan Albu Faraj Di Ramadi

The media office of the Al Anbar region released a video Albu Faraj liberation battle in the middle of the city of Ramadi. This operation is part of the battle in order to conquest Ramadi that has been fully controlled by the Mujahideen in the last week.”


The attack is spearheaded by a truck loaded with explosives as a small group of Islamic State infantry armed with light arms push into an undefended Albu Faraj. The buidlings are deserted and the bodies of the dead look at least a few days old, however one man is found in a building. He says he is a “Polisi”  and is despatched by beheading as other “pro – Government” civilians in Tadmur and Palmyra succumb to a similar end.