Al Bukamal – Slaughter Story

A twenty one minute video released 28 June 2016 via Wilayat al-Furat media which links the Coalition bombing from April 2015 (here) of a neonatal hospital to an informers network and the subsequent beheading murder of those accused informants.Geo-deviceAl Bukamal has been used as a stage for a number of Daesh beheadings (here), the most notable one which took place showing how Daesh had painted the “jet on a stick” completely black.

plane on sticks

AbuKamal-planeonstick - 3






Image below shows the site of US Coalition bombing September 2014



The video unfolds through a staged series of events showing how the “spies” collect information and use geolocating devices to guide Coalition bombings. The men are then depicted being “rounded up” in yet another series of pantomime like plays. The men are next seen wearing the iconic orange jumpsuit before being despatched one by one, their heads stuck atop a metal spike in the desert.

video below