Abu Sayyaf – ransom demands ongoing

Video released from Abu Sayyaf with the remaining three hostages, Marites Flor, Robert Hall and Kjartan Sekkingstad pleading for help. 

Kjartan Sekkingstad is heard saying in his address  “like our friend John was a few days ago.” Canadian Ridsdel was found decapitated in late April. The remote location and the difficulty in finding an upload facility may be the cause for the delay between production and release.


UPDATE 13-June 2016

June – Abu Sayyaf group beheads remaining Canadian hostage Robert Hall

Canadian authorities confirmed his murder, as a result of their refusal to pay a demanded ransom.

John Ridsdel Murdered

Abu Sayyaf – October 2015

Abū Sayyāf in Sulu – Pledge of Allegiance

UPDATE – 17 SEPTEMBER 2016 – Norwegian Hostage Freed  (HERE)

UPDATE – 28 September 2015 – Nixon Muktadil and his brother Brown Muktadil – DUSTED – (here)