Paris – crisis actors

December 8th, 2018 twitter was slowly winding up a cache of video, refining it down to a fifiteen second video grab that can be sent out to syndicate stations and internet mirrors for digestion.  Sometimes the videos are constructed or performed by paid actors and provocateurs.

The methodology.  (Police Agent Prococateurs: A short history)

Paris has offered some examples of manufactured content. 

Getting hit with a rubber bullet

I checked this video from twitter of a protestor being hit with a rubber bullet and saw some anomalies. First, if you get hit by a rubber bullet fired at close range, a person would be in hospital or the very least knocked to the ground. I offer one example, the shot Scott Olsen took in Oakland. Secondly you can hear the ping of the projectile hitting the hard armour under the protestors clothing. This is also shown in the movement of the clothes when the projectile impacts. The energy is stopped and not absorbed as when it hits a soft substrate like seen in experiments with ballsitics gell on popular TV and YouTube shows.
I find this dangerous and deceptive as it may encourage others to copy this behaviour not realising that in this example the person is wearing protective ballistics armour.
I have presented this in its raw format so you too can see I am not altering or manipualting the source video.

The exploded hand man’s sleeve.

The first time I saw this video I traced the man in reverse and it seemed strange that he would walk up to the camera and start yelling…and the way he was led away seemed a bit odd.

The media reported this event and pixalated the “injured” hand.  (thesun)

no yellow vest – obvious is obvious

This image leaves no doubt.

RT even titled the video (DUSTRUBING VIDEO)  and then blurred the street art.

Question everything.

AMAQ – 23 November 2018

Just over a minute long this Amaq badged video shows the attack on a military post at Al Bahra in eastern Syria. Earlier in November these type of attacks plagued the Simak region near the Iraq / Syria border. (GlobalResearch)

The video includes some interesting details such as the small vehicle with the turret with the compressed air sounds(?)

The motorbike mounted machine gun as seen inInside the Caliphate -7“.

The surrender is something which is hard to fathom. 


Way of the Righteousness – Sayna

Forty-two minute video release from Islamic State Sinai which has a number of ‘stand out’ details.

The GoPro wearing fighter getting hit is one, (11.24)

The production is much the same as other Sinai releases but the one thing that sets this release apart are the audio errors in some of the multicamera edits. The firefights at a radio base with the hijacking of a tank, and also the roadblocks favouring the small mobile cells of fighters which dissolve back into the small villages and vast terrain. The attacks are not strategic or with any long term motivations, but a way of replenishing supplies, looting ammunition and taking prisoners for possible exchange or ransom showing the diversification of the fighter cells In one scene the old weapons the men carry are in contrast to the brand new webbing they have on. The video is a showcase for where the money went. 

The video has a number of executions and begins with the slaughter of a goat.

Exploding car

Melbourne – Bourke Street Terror Event – November 2018

Melbourne, Australia has been shaken with another terror event unfolding in the heart of the CBD. A single man initially appears in the eastern end of the Street at about 4pm, near the site of the infamous Bourke Street Vehicular Homocide in January and December 2017, (see below), firstly setting his car ablaze, which may be the result from a failed explosive. The vehicle was allegedly loaded with gas bottles. The man then commenced a knife attack on innocent bystanders, one man reportedly stabbed in the face later dying may have gone to help with the fire. This was followed by the stabbing of two other men, one a security guard* the other a tourist**, before engaging police officers, who tried every means to shut-down the attacker with non-lethal force. Police finally snibbed the maniac who was transported to hospital and later died. It was reported early in the media cycle that the man was known to police and intelligence agencies.

UPDATE – The brother Ali Khalif Shire Ali, 20, from Werribee, was arrested at a home in Melbourne’s south-west just before 3:00pm on Monday November 2017. (tangentcode)

UPDATE – 30 year old Somali – Hassan Khalid Shire Ali  – passport cancelled in 2015. One fact that has been reported as investigated is a link between Gargasoulis’ trial starting (see below) and this event which seems a bit of a stretch of the imagination.  What could also may be linked is the explosions that happened in Somalia the same day in which twenty seven people died after a multiple car bombs exploded. (AJ)**

The man who was killed has now been named as Sisto Malaspina, who was one of the owners of Melbourne’s iconic Pellegrinis Bar.

Note : the same house appears in both reports.

One remarkable aspect to this event is the Policeman who was the focus of the rage seemed to just brush off the six foot four maniacs swats which were powerful attempts to plunge the knife into the policeman’s body. This event even it its early stages has hallmarks of the Brighton terror event from June 2017 (tangentcode) in which Yacqub Khayre killed one innocent and attempted a shoot out with police.

Image below shows police ending the event with a single gun shot to the chest.

Australian PM – “Religious extremism takes many forms around the world, and no religion is immune from it … But here in Australia, we would be kidding ourselves if we did not call out the fact that the greatest threat of religious extremism … is the radical and dangerous ideology of extremist Islam,”

UPDATE – 13 November 2018

“I don’t know what the police were doing, for a good two to three minutes they were trying to grab him, tackle him down when a lot of people were screaming … ‘just f***ing shoot him, shoot him’.”

The one who conducted the operation in Melbourne is one of the fighters of the Islamic State

The Amaq notice should not be taken into account in this event. The probability it is fake is very high.

The City was the scene of a terror event December 2017 (tangentcode)

and again in January 2017 (tangentcode)

It also comes as no surprise that the attacker was known to “federal intelligence authorities” as well as to Victoria Police just as Khayr was and who featured in Daesh – “Answer the Call” Jan 2018

Wikileaks Cable   09MELBOURNE96_a Operation Neath

January 2017 – Gargasoulas Bourke Street Rampage

Melbourne Car Rampage – it has been revealed that Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp sent officers an email in September telling them “time is on their side”. This comes as questions have been raised as to how the driver of the car was allowed to continue allowing the horrendous event to unfold. It is evident from any of the videos of the incident that at least a dozen police vehicles were following the driver and had been doing so most of that morning, it seems that the police are more concerned with getting their vehicles damaged. This incident has also brought the bail system or lack of one into community focus. With budget cuts and police stations closing all over Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne people are justifiably angry.

**Image of the car bombing in Mogadishu the same time frame.

The next day the spin was strong.

Bolt Report 13th November 2018

Trolleyman – this is the story of the man who attempted to stop the attack by pushing a shopping trolley at the attacker. (here)

The “Trolleyman” it now turns out is wanted by police for a string of burglaries (ABC) who ended up committing further burglaries and was jailed.

*Image of the injury to the security guard stabbed in the neck. (more news9comau)

UPDATE – November 16th The terror perp was on bail! (here)

Victorian Attorney-General Martin Pakula confirmed reports Bourke Street terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali was on bail at the time of the attack.” (here)

**Tasmanian Business, Rod Patterson who was the first man stabbed.





Borderline Bar Shooting – Ventura

A lone shooter creates mayhem at a restaurant in Ventura killing 12.

It is revealed that the man is a veteran from Afghanistan and was a machine gunner, a Ian David Long, who turned the weapon on himself.

Early vision of the event. One of the dead was a soon to retire Venture County Sheriff. (more)

From May 2013

Inside the Caliphate – 8


After some nine months AlHayat release the eighth in the series “Inside the Caliphate” with some interesting details in the sixteen minutes of old battle videos cobbled together with some off the shelf animations and transitions.

The basic story-board is set up with Telegraph chat messages interspersed with narrated decrees glorifying terror events such as the Pulse NightClub event and strangely a few clips from the Boston Marathon bombing, together with battle fire fights accompanied with the ubiquitous chant like atonal music vibrating in background.  (Inside the Caliphate 7

Details include this slide with Anonymous.

The use of Final Cut Pro shows the use of an Apple work station.

The use of lower third news items attempts to add credibility.

Daesh counter attack October 26 2018

October 26th Daesh mount a counter attack on US backed military posts in the structured VBIED advanced hit followed by the overwhelming small arms attack on survivors. Prior to the Amaq release social media was contained unconfirmed reports hostages had been taken.





Islamic State – North Baghdad October 2018

Nearly nineteen minute video released from North Baghdad made up of sections of video files shown in a postcard type storyboard up to recent times including VBIED attacks. Executions feature as most of the content of second half of the release showing the victims in military uniforms or in post of public office along with the building in rubble.

Note – bottom left hand corner of the frame below you can see the clip layer which is being used as audio.This is why “detach audio” exists. Very rare to see this error.


More – June 28, 2018 (iraqinews dot com)

Sit and Wait For Them At Every Place – Kirkuk

Eleven minute video which has some resemblance to the series “Harvest of the Soldiers” (tangentcode). The title is Quranic verse 9:5 (here) and is used in this context to align roadside bombs and night attacks on passing traffic as combative counter actions. Roadside explosives are shown being made and ultimately detonated, some successful others not.

The video contains a number of executions which are rough and amateurish and void of any district measure of impact aside from the brutality.

” when the sacred months are drawn away, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they repent, and perform the prayer, and pay the alms, then let them go their way; God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate.”

Harvest of Humiliation – Kirkuk

Fifteen minute release from Kirkuk which cycles through from Bush to Trump and the American – Kurdish coalition with a number of interesting details.

One of those details is the watch wearing assassins that kill soldiers in their beds.

Trump – “we should be arming the Kurdish”


Flames of War – Three

Fifty five minute video Al Hayat released as a part three to the Flames Of War series. The English narration with its stylised nuances explains the history up to the present time of Islamic State.

The video with its slow motion RPG rocket firing is padded together with battle vision from previous releases, (for example the image below is seen in part three) together with production voice over audio and some off the shelf fire transitions add to the impact which the narrative attempts to impose.

The video ends with men digging a trench as English translations run over the lower third, the scene ends with their execution.


Flames Of War -2 

Flames of War – September 2014


West Africa – Islamic State

Five and a half-minute video from West Africa titled “Disperse By [Means Of] Them” showing Islamic State affiliates attacking a Nigerian soldiers base with the same over run and looting tactics which have become the staple attack methodology. The attack on troops followed  the seizing of Gudumbali on Friday September 7th in Borno State. Print media are now reporting that the situation has returned to “normalcy” (The Guardian).

The title comes from Qur’anic verse 8:57 – “So if you, [Oh Muhammad], gain dominance over them in war, disperse by [means of] them those behind them that perhaps they will be reminded.”


Sydney University Contractor faces terror plot charges – UPDATED


It was a set up over a woman. The brother of an Australian Cricket player has set about to “frame’  Mr Nizamdeen. (Guardian)

Arsalan Khawaja


October 19th Police drop charges – Released on bail on September 28 after spending four weeks behind bars.

At the successful bail application, prosecutor Christina Choi said there was no “conclusive” proof that the writing in the notebook was Mr Nizamdeen’s. (here

Mr Nizamdeen’s costs application was set down for hearing on November 23 in Central Local Court.

==========================================================  AUGUST 31St  ==========================================================

New South Wales Police have arrested and charged a twenty five year old IT Contractor from Sri Lanka, Mohamed Kamer Nilar Nizamdeen with “preparing for a terror attack” after a notebook was found with details of significant landmarks and prominent publc figures in Sydney who the police allege are terror targets. Bail was not sought and was formally refused at Waverly Court. 

Sydney University statement and some of the ensuing local media frenzy (9MSN)

Next Court appearance – October 24th, 2018

UPDATE – Sept 28th, 2018 –  (NINEMSM)

“The case against him is extremely weak. Almost non-existent,” Mr Kheir said.

“We’ll be continuing with the fight until all charges are dropped and he is completely exonerated.” 

Harvest of the Soldiers – Parts 1 – 18

Nearly four minute videos made up of short transitions showing percentage statistics in an effort to convey an image of resilience or perhaps announcing the Islamic State are still an entity with this scoreboard type calander releases.

Below is Parts 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 & 7 & 8 & 9 & 10 & 11 & 12 & 13 (October 2018)& 14(Nov 2018), 15 & 16 & 17 & 18

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8 


Part 9

Part 10

Part 11  – 10 October 2018 – is 1st safar 1440 AH

PART 12 

PART 13 

PART 14 



 Part 15




Part 18





Toronto Shooting

Toronto, Canada a man walks down Danforth Avenue in Greektown and fires some 25 rounds into restaurants injuring thirteen people, killing one (at this time) until finally being dusted by police. 

Update – Hussain killed a 10-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman and injured 13 others in the attack on a busy restaurant-filled street

Update – The gunman who killed two people and injured more than a dozen more when he opened fire on a Toronto street has been identified as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain. The Police deny link between Daesh and this event. 

July 25th – (CTVNews)

On Wednesday, Police Chief Mark Saunders said they have no evidence to support ISIS’s claim of responsibility.”

“Hussain’s family said he “had severe mental health challenges, struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life”

Police Chief Mark Saunders Press Conference with shooter edited in


Danforth Ave – event area

Canada’s crime rate rose by 1 per cent in 2017, the third consecutive annual increase, according to Statistics Canada.

Further reading

Toronto Van Rampage April 2018 (tangentcode)

October 2014 – Ottawa event (here)

Logan Robertson – Deportation for Mosque Visit

Pastor Logan Robertson from Pillar Baptists Church and two others have been charged with public nuisance and entering a premises with intent to trespass after the events at Kuraby and Durra Mosques on 4th & 5th July 2018 south of Brisbane. The group had intended to interview members of the Mosque in much the same way as they had conducted interviews with Mormons which makes up a ‘documentary’ as seen on the groups YouTube channel.

The video below shows the confrontation (which is from Pillar Church’s YouTube channel) and uploaded here for archive purposes.

Robertson has the right of appeal and has raised in excess of $10K Australian dollars for this purpose. (ABC)

It is important to understand the difference between “deported” and “removed“. A person “deported” can return with the appropriate Visa, however a person “removed” cannot.

Further reading (AusGov) – below is an extract.

This chapter deals with two important aspects of the administration of the removal and deportation provisions of the Migration Act:


Robertson and the two other men are to face Holland Park Magistrates Court July 25th, 2018.

Image below is from “nine.msn” and shows the cloudy description of events which is used to purposefully obscure facts.


Mindanao – July 2018 Offensive

Mindanao, Philippines Government forces clear out thirty militants with allegiance to Daesh. Similarities can be drawn upon from the Marawi siege (tangentcode) & (tangentcode) almost a year to this month which left Marawi a heavily damaged ghost city.(The Atlantic) – video below

There are also concerns about Asian Isis fighters coming back from the Middle East possibly seeking refuge in the Philippines.

Counter Terror Raids – Australia

South Brisbane, Australia, a “21 year old man” is arrested after counter terror raids June 30th. It is alleged the accused made preparations to travel to Syria to engage in hostile activities during late 2016 and early 2017. 

July 2nd

A Brisbane man accused of preparing to travel to Syria as a foreign fighter will remain behind bars after his bail application was denied. (SydneyMorningHerald)

Abdus Samad Zaid, 21, faced Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday after he was arrested on Saturday following a counter-terrorism raid on a house in Brisbane’s south. (video below)

The television news report is delivered in a dry monotone and includes an interview with the man named in the ABC news.



Annapolis Newspaper Shooting

A man enters the Capital Gazette offices in Annapolis, Maryland, and shoots five people dead. Later it is revealed that the shooter had blocked entrances and egress points to purposefully degrade the timely attendance of first responders.

The shooter identified as J.W.Ramos was captured alive and is stonewalling investigators. However most of what caused this event is plain to see on his social media. It seems that at one point in 2014 comments that he had made were removed.This then set a series of cascading delusions of persecution which compounded upon themselves.

Some of the images speak for themselves

The twitter page, which has a link to archive dot org of court documents.


Terror Suspect – Missed Prison Bus

It may seem like an error in type setting, but it seems that one of the suspects in the December 2016 terror plot (tangentcode) was unable to make it to court due to a prison transport malfunction. Below is a snap from the news paper in case you think this is a fake news story but in the reality of corrections it may have been deemed safer not to transport the suspect due to “over-crowding”.

The video below shows the state of the Correction System in NSW. (Note how the “lock” falls away from door when opened.)




Moscow – footpath taxi

Moscow, Russia – A taxi mounts the footpath and continues to run over half a dozen people before stopping, the driver then ejects from vehicle and according to witnesses claims he was not the driver. Hard to disprove when CCTV happens. The result of the event ended with injuries.

The story is developing and there is a probaility the accident was the result of “asleep at the wheel”.


Vic Market Bomb Plot – Media Hype

It has been reported that a plot to bomb the Vic Market was cooking on the wire. The market is at the top end of the city and is popular with Melburnians and tourists. It has come to light that a British amateur “jihadist hunters” had posed as a recruiter and was stringing along “recruits” and then passing that information to Police. This plot is apparently not the first time the informant has helped authorities foil attacks.

“The overseas plotter, Sajed, sent his “trainee” a 5000-page terrorism manual, which has chapters on creating improvised explosive devices and two videos on how to cook up a “bomb in a kitchen”. He requested maps and satellite images of the market, and told his recruit to map out the best route to deliver the bomb.” Hutchinson (TheAustralian)

This media barrage and “jihadi hunter” angle will dissaude people from internet connections (at least without verification) and to act in solitary.

A Victoria Police spokesman said the matter was assessed and it was determined they posed no threat.

“Our teams regularly receive information from various sources and carefully assess that information based on validity and risk,” the spokesman said.

“These matters were assessed earlier this year in accordance with that process and it was determined that they pose no threat in Australia.”

In this case why was it necessary to make it a front page news story? The other story that has been getting spun on high revolution is the Australian Army conducting an inquest into SAS soldiers actions some from ten years ago.

An Australian special forces soldier kicked a handcuffed Afghan detainee off a cliff before endorsing his summary execution, according to allegations made by direct witnesses.” (here)

What does the media think this will precipitate? Is this some type of fuel for riot porn ratings?

UPDATE – June 14th

Images have appeared in Australian Mainstream media of a German Nazi flag being flown on a vehicle. The event took place in 2007 and was summarily dealt with at the the time. This reiterates my point that media seek to provoke and agitate through the dredging up of such images. How will any fair justice be available to soldiers in the Defence Force Inquest?

Perhaps the politicians and journalists who have never been to Afghanistan, let alone a conflict zone should try and understand how “a twisted joke” can raise moral of the men and women who are repeatedly sent into this region and the stress and strains it places on their home lives. Read ABC tripe (here)

Flying the Nazi flag may be a representation of how the soldiers felt…in a far off country for some unkown reasons, doing the politicians dirty work? (War Pigs)

If this was the case below, you would never hear about it…

UPDATE June 15 2018 

The media deluge of this historical artefact has precipitated actions from a disaffected person to send threatening letters to a witness of the Defence Forces Inquiry. Below Mark Biskin (CoD) and Marise Payne (Min.Def) corrects “journalists” who persist with their poisonous rhetoric. (ABC


Man Monis sent letters to dead Australian soldier’s families. (tangentcode)

– – — — – — — – — — – —


Germany arrests returning Iraqi – Deash foreign fighters 

March 2018 – (125) PKK and YPG return to Germany (here)

Returning foreign fighters and juristiction (here)

Assad Interview – 31 May 2018

RT interview* with Syrian President Assad 

*(video is uploaded as fair use for non-profit educational purposes)


June 10 2018 – interview with Hala Javel (here)

2015 Interview Iranian Khabar TV channel October 4th 2015 – (tangentcode) which includes Pravda Interview from October 2016

SBS Australia Interview July 1st, 2016- (tangentcode)

Liege – one day later – May 2018

May 29, 2018 Full Moon. Belgium experienced another violent terror event this time leaving three dead, a brief hostage event attempt ending with a shoot out, and the gunman dusted in the city of Liege east of Brussels.

AMAQ – dated 30 May 2018

The assailant attacks two police officers, takes their firearms and kills them. The stolen police weapons are then used to kill a young man sitting in a parked car outside a school. The assailant then takes a hostage in an attempt to escape which fails ending in a fire fight upon police again, which resulted in injuring four police officers, and the single gunman dusted. 

Early in the media reporting the fact that the man was on “day-leave” from a prison had circulated along with the shouting man and  “Allahu Akbar” camera video.

One day later and the event takes an identity of thirty-six year old Benjamin Herman, a man with a long list of convictions and troubles with drugs. It is now revealed that another man had been murdered prior to the terror event.

(Speaking to Belgian media on Wednesday), Herman’s father said his son had acted normally in the hours before the murders.On Monday I went to get him in prison,”

 “After I picked him up, I led him to a session with a psychiatrist in Namur. He [then] spent time here in the garden with the children, he played with them and he even went for ice creams.” (Guardian)

The result of Prislam radicalization.

Liege was the site of the December 2011 murder-suicide event, Nordine Amari (wiki)

*(Further reading)

‘Famous judicial process of Benjamin Herman. This Rochefortois rocked into crime as a teenager, before becoming addicted to cocaine and heroin and multiple convictions. He even escaped from Lantin!”

Abstract from K.L.Lasoen (Ghent Uni – research fellow) Terrorism and Political Violence

(For 24 hour access a small fee is charged for full article) – (here)

Conquer the Enemies Kirkuk

Twenty five minute video (below) with formula story board grievances listed along with video of the events generally in the form of political leaders giving speeches and some explosive transitions leading onto a roadblock kidnapping which ends in finger pointing rant execution in which one of the men is prompted to display his tattoo. The release is a day after Syria announced Aleppo is one hundred percent eradicated of vermin Daesh.

Iraq have executed forty women (here) with nearly one thousand rounded up out of the ruins of the Iraqi liberated cities. With the election of Moqtada al-Sadr does this signal  more of an Iranian influence which has increased since the US invasion in 2003. This in parallel to a change in ideological areas as religious centres fluxing between Najaf, the capital Shiadon as opposed to Qom, which was popular under Hussein’s regime.


The second half of the video extends the road block kidnapping in what looks like soldiers on leave returning to their base being captured and driven away.

The next connection is shown matching the men with their social media images posing with heavy artillery, some in uniform with other prominent military leaders.


The men are cruelly executed, one with large calibre fire. 


Fit for Trial? Bourke Street Car Rampage

January 20th, 2017 Gargosoulas drives a stolen car through busy city streets after evading police chases and doing burnouts in the main city intersection.

Now in May 2018 a Jury is deciding if this person is fit to stand trial. Is it really a case of shizophrenia or is it a case of a justice smart criminal utilising his best acting to postpone sentencing and incarceration into mainstream prison system, and a life behind bars paid for by the tax payer.



Appears in Supreme Court. below is free to air NEWS report. Interesting detail is the huge size Gargosoulas has balloned into and the patch on the back of his head which could be due to being restrained or just sleeping…alot.

June 14 2018 – fit to stand trial 

Professor Michael Daffern, a psychologist engaged by the prosecution, told the court Mr Gargasoulas is fit to stand trial and understands the various pleas he could enter. (ABC)

“He understands the relevant facts … he can retain those facts, he can communicate his preferences to his lawyer.

“But where he falls down, in my view, is can he rationally weigh up the pros and cons of the pleas open to him?

“His delusional beliefs are of such a nature that he’s unable to rationally weigh the options open to him,” he said.


The Jury has taken some 57 minutes to find Gargasoulas Guilty of six counts of murder. He will next appear in Febuary 2019 for sentencing. (Guardian)

Gargasoulas had been in fromt of a magistrate over sixty times since 2010, (criminal damage, fail to answer bail, reckless conduct endangering life) 

Indonesia – Surabaya Police Checkpoint attacks

No surprise in some respects as yet another exploding family attack a police checkpoint in Surabaya. The attack killed the four perpetrators, six civilians and four officers were wounded. The Surabaya death toll now stands at twenty-eight—some thirteen bombers and fifteen civilians, together with more than fifty wounded.

Another attack ended with four men “weilding swords” being dusted. (ABC)

Indonesia is estimated have an eleven hundred strong returning nut jobs from middle east conflicts. Videos on this site alone show Indo-foreign fighters appearing in executions videos all the way back to when the disaster of madness started late 2014.

The explosives used in these attacks are not uncommon in the region as they are commonly used in “explosive fishing.” In these events we see againg the tri-acetone tri-peroxide “satans breath” being utilised, again which has detailed explanation videos showing the process of manufacture posted all over the internet. Daesh have also produced videos with this single minded process front and centre of thier content. (Bomb recipe edited “Just Terror”- December 2016 – tangentcode )

Separately on Sunday some 14 hours after the Church attacks, three members of another family were killed when homemade bombs exploded at an apartment in Sidoarjo (red marker in map below), a town bordering Surabaya, police said. (Jakarta Post). The manufacture of the explsoive is extremely volitile and sensitive to friction and abrupt temperature change.

Travel warnings to Indonesia warn against travel to the region.

Note – without seeming jaded or cynical the adoption of one the “bomb children” survivors by an Indonesia policeman could be more of a media prop…just sayin’ – don’t believe everything in the media.


 “Instructions to Indonesia” (tangentcode) Jan 2016

and March 2015

and October 2016

Indonesia and France – pre Ramadan attacks

Indonesia is again the centre of a “pre-Ramadan” attacks on three Christian churches within minutes of each other, killing eleven people (at this early stage) and injured forty, mostly children. The first attack at Santa Maria Roman Catholic Church, killing four people followed by an attack at Diponegoro that killed two people, and thirdly two died at the city’s Pantekosta Church which was perpetrated by a family of six. The father, later identified as Dita Oepriarto, exploded a car bomb, two sons aged 18 and 16 used a motorcycle for their attack, and the mother Puji Kuswati, was with daughters aged 12 and 9 for her attack. The family was closely associated with Jemaah Ansharut Daulah, JAD who are affiliated to Daesh. The chidlren’s names and DOB released 1) Yusuf Fadhil, 25 November 2000 2) Firman Halim, 13 October 2002 3) Fadhila Sari, 4 January 2006 4 )Pamela Rizqita, 9 December 2009.

Dita Oepriarto and his wife, Puji Kuswati.

Mother and two daughters..

note the flying object at 07:08.00

 Map below show Christian Churches in Surabaya.

The style of this attacks is a counter point where women, along with their children are now the detonation catalysts. This can be seen almost in stereo as Daesh called upon women to fight at the front as seen inInside the Caliphate-7

The attacks in Surabaya comes nearly a week after the Depok Prison riot in which five guards were executed and one inmate died. (ABC) Again this event was claimed by Daesh media spigot AMAQ, which had the number of people dead incorrect, the real motivation for the riot may have arisen from something much more basic, National Police spokesman Muhammad Iqbal,

a dispute had broken out with prisoners who objected to authorities making checks on food being brought into them.”

Half way around the world an attack takes place in France in what is known as the “Opera district,” by an as yet unnamed twenty one year old French citizen born in Chechnya. He was categorized in France as “fiche S”, an indication used by law enforcement officials to flag people who may be a threat to national security. Police union representative Rocco Contento told Reuters that the assailant, after attacking bystanders with a knife, rushed at police shouting “I will kill you, I will kill you!”
He was then shot by the officers.

Francois Molins, the Paris prosecutor,

At this stage and on the basis on testimonies describing the attacker shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ while attacking passers-by with a knife, as well as the modus operandi, the counter-terror section of the Paris prosecutor’s office is investigating.”

Witnesses say the assailant was shouting “Allahu akbar” and trying to get into restaurants as diners barricaded the doors.” (Telegraph)

Daesh claiming responsibilty must be taken with a broad general view as in the past such claims remain unverified and unsubstantiated.

Further reading…

Jakarta Blasts Jan 2016 – (tangentcode)

Instructions to Indonesia – Jan 2016 (tangentcode)

Bali Bomber Finally Charged – June 2017 (tangentcode)

Marawi – July 2017 (tangentcode)

Inside Khalifah-3- August 2017 – (tangentcode)

Inside the Khalifah-4- September 2017 (tangentcode)

Then is it the judgement of ignorance they desire? Furat

Fifteen and a half minute video from Furat which is in parts a re-run of previous videos. The title is from the Quaran verse 5:50, “they desire and want this and ignore Allah’s Judgement.”

Iraq is nearing elections with seven thousand candidates competing for three hundred and twenty-nine seats on May 12. The pressure will be ramped up by Daesh in an attempt to destabilise and contort the process no doubt with suicide bombing and general mayhem.

Some of the video is taken from other releases which make up the quick fire editing and scenes of hudud being performed.

It’s all about the money.

Toronto Van Rampage

Toronto, April 24th, 2018 – A man has driven a ‘Ryder’ van along Yonge Street Toronto killing ten and injuring fifteen. The vehicle travelled at seventy kilometres and hour for approximately 3km. The driver, a twenty four year old, Alek Minassian was arrested after a half hearted “suicide by cop” attempt. The reason why this event happened maybe more confusing.

The day before the attack the City of Vancouver issued an apology for historical discrimination against Chinese, (here). It should be noted that Minassian praised Elliot Rodger, (May 2014 Isla Vista Event) in a FaceBook post, who incidentally had an Asian Mother, Li Chin. This may have some bearing on why he chose the street he did as Minassian possibly blamed Asians for the predicament that he found himself in. 

“The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”

 “weapon of choice”

In October 2017 a ‘U-Haul’ van was used in a similar event in Edmonton.

Canada’s Terror Threat Levels (here)

Canada’s National Terrorism Threat Level is a tool that government officials, including law enforcement agencies, may use to identify risks and vulnerabilities from threats, and in turn determine what responses may be needed to prevent or mitigate a violent act of terrorism in Canada. It also helps ensure a common understanding of the general terrorist threat to Canada.

And this article from…1995 (full article)

Sydney Terror Arrest (2018)- Clockwork Orange Syndrome

April 21st, 2018 with the upcoming ANZAC Day public holiday on the 25th as in years before* the terror spruiking ramps up a notch resulting in this years arrest of a single person so far, a Greg Ceissman aged 24, an Aboriginal man who converted to Prislam (whilst serving a vehicle theft sentence) and has alleged to have plotted to attack Bankstown Shopping Centre. Ceissman, who was first charged with robbery when he was nine years old, was later granted bail despite the Terrorism High Command Risk Offenders Committee recommending agaisnt it.

“not to use the internet”

 This obligatory “jail peice” from 2016 and the character ‘Stan’ from NITV “Never Going Back” (extract below) combined with the media coverage of this event has some strange angles of stupid.

“Ceissman is understood to have lived in Marrickville before his incarceration and clashed repeatedly with local police.”

It is understood the judge reserved his final decision but granted interim orders imposing more than 60 conditions, including that he stay away from Marrickville. He is next due to appear in court on May 4.

For example the insertion of “Redfern” referring to the Sydney suburb in which Ceissman’s father resides. A totally unnecessary detail which is only used to draw attention to Ceissman Junior as an inner city “little battler” who has had a rough patch. Further to this are the particulars of his Aboriginality which fails to be relevant again to the matter of making terror threats and race baits and flares the event into something entirely different to what it is.

A pile of dung.


Ceissman granted bail and looks very different. Sadly he is under the spell of the 72 virgins ether dream just like the men that drive VBIED’s.

This is the few lines this slow motion train wreck garnered in the pulp presses.


So Will They Not Repent To God – Dimashq

Eighteen and a half minute video from Wilayat Dimashq which is the Damascus Province media office. The video opens with the WhiteHelmets running around in building ruins which has been aired relentlessly by Western Media outlets. Most if not all of this vision is from March 12th, 2018.

The title of the video is lifted from Qur’anic verse 5:74, “So will they not repent to God and seek his forgiveness? And God is Forgiving and Merciful.”

Below, from the other side, March 12th, 2018

The video (below), also shows the fighters being bused out and also contains an extract from another WhiteHelmet fake gas production.

The video is full of signals which show the complicity between coalition forces and these scum bags on the ground.

This man is captured and executed. Syrian soldiers bodies are defiled and exhibited in some tasteless parade of grotesque imagery.

The image below show the situation from March 12th, 2018

March 12, 2018 –  bused out.

The Failed Confrontation – Sanai

Twenty six minute release via Islamic State Sinai, titled “The Failed Confrontation”   in retaliation to the Sisi Government offensive against Daesh February 2018, (WaPo) and the election (here).

“Egypt’s military says 16 troops have been killed and 19 wounded since a wide-scale operation against Islamic militants was launched.” 

The scenes of the firefight at the end of the release come from early Febrauary, “Protectors of Islamic Wars” (tangentcode). The video shows the ‘harass and retreat’ tactic the small cells of fighters use along with roadside IED’s, snipers and vehicle stoppages executing suspected soldiers.

Street assassins.

The armoured car is stolen, the policemen killed.

 UPDATE – April 18th, 2018

Egypt announced on Wednesday that its military killed the leader of the ISIS terrorist group in the Sinai region.

Colonel Tamer el-Rifai, a military spokesman, said in a statement that Nasser Abou Zaqoul was killed in a shootout with troops in central Sinai.

The military said it found a rifle, two grenades and a large quantity of ammunition with Abou Zaqoul.

The news came just days after the military said eight soldiers were killed and 15 wounded when militants wearing explosive belts blew themselves up as they tried to infiltrate a military base in central Sinai.

In February, Egypt launched a comprehensive plan aimed at eradicating ISIS from Sinai, where the group has entrenched itself in recent years.

The group has claimed responsibility for several attacks in the country that have left hundreds dead.

The massive operation also covers parts of Egypt’s Nile Delta and the Western Desert, along the porous border with Libya.

More than 100 extremists and at least 30 government troops have been killed since the operation, dubbed “Sinai 2018,” was launched, according to official figures.


Nazi Party in Australia 1964

 Four Corners report from 1964 into the National Socialist Party in Australia.

The video contains proceedings of meetings and interviews with the people David Harcourt wrote about in “Everyone wants to be the Fuehrer” in 1972 (tangentcode), and offers a valuable insight to the book and into the difference between a Nazi and a Patriot. 

Everyone Wants To Be Fuehrer – National Socialism in Australia and New Zealand

“Everyone Wants To Be Fuehrer” written by David Harcourt and published in 1972 with its front cover emblazoned with red swastikas and individuals in uniforms which is a collage of images from within the book.

Now in 2018, “Everyone wants to be the Feuhrer” shines a light backwards in time to events such as the Springbok Rugby tour and the Vietnam Morotorium to a country and cities which are now very different. (The population of Australia in the early 1970’s was approximately 11 million people). The book is still available to buy through the odd American seller on Amazon and even a few Australian copies float about in University libraries. *To save you the effort of locating a copy I invite you to read the book in its entirety via high quality scanned images and to watch this video “Nazi Party in Australia 1964” as it will put voices to the pictures”

At the end of the book are two peices from George Lincoln Rockwell one of which still has a prescence today within internet sub culture.

*The book’s index is included 

The book is shown under fair use, non profit educational purposes and research.

Inside Cover.













Blank Page

Blank Page






Shadows of the Slaughter 5

Fifth part in an ongoing shoot and loot series from Furat following the formula of attacking under cover of sandstorms  evading air support.

The attack on the post is punctuated by a nice head shot to one over zealous Daeshbags, who moans away incoheantly waving a bloody finger around. 

I’m sure there is a good explanation…

Shadows of the Slaughter 4

Shadows of the Slaughter 4 from Furat is a five minute shoot and loot beginning with a rant in a room style lecture.

The same formula of story board is applied as the previous three parts (3) (2) (1). Attack and overwhelm an outpost, loot the ammunition and vehicles and capture and execute survivors.


Shadows of the Slaughter 2

Close to seven minutes fire fight, shoot and loot video much the same as the first part (tangentcode)  from earlier in August 2017.





Shadows of the Slaughter 3

Five and a half minute video release from Furat September 2017 as a third part to the series of shooting and looting series, (tangentcode).

The tactic in this video goes back to the very early first releases of running cars and vehicles off the road circa mid 2014.

Glory of Jihad – 2

Second part to the “Glory of Jihad” series from Wilayat Barakah which comes under the umbrella of al Hayat Media Centre. The first part (here) had a classic doctrine preface while this second part those doctrines see the cold light of day.

Daesh look a little old and beaten up, the trucks all fenders bent and most of the fighters old and injured, material for VBIED’s also looks scarce. The video uses a mashup of shooting and missile firing, mortars and shoulder fireing devices of all types.

VBIED’s are shown from a following drone, atomising targeted assassinations.

The men on crutches fighting on the dirt berms are present as the blunt monotone narration hums along in the background, transitions of praise seperating the events.

One interesting detail is the vehicle with the turret.


City of Ghosts

Australian ABC report from Matt Brown on the story unfolding in post Deash Raqqa. The dramatic title is deceptive as much of the story centres around families who are attempting to rebuild life’s normalcies. The incidental ambulance run seen early in the edit is a rehash from an earlier Brown report and has some nice drone video, a boat trip, stitched together with a “look at me” session, some iPad Garageband rumblings and its done. 

For a tiny city in Syria, with a population just over a quarter of a million, Raqqa gained attention as it became the centre peice of Daesh ideologies and indoctrination propaganda which featured consistently throught Daesh media campaigns. As Mosul started to fall, the importance of this tiny city increased. An example of this is the *Birthed Nation” (tangentcode) series, which picked up where Mosul left off with the child executioners. With each new video the dispicable acts where increased in gratuitousness.

This extract from the full report (here) shows an Australian fighting with YPG, Jamie Williams which is followed by Brown making a stop at the infamous Gangsta Jihadist, Khaleed Sharouf’s kennel. (tangentcode) and Legacy of a Madman (tangentcode).

Daesh getting ‘transported’ out

More on Jamie Williams – “The former attorney-general’s decision not to consent to the prosecution of Mr Williams was made on the facts and circumstances of the particular case, and this was made clear at the time the decision was made,” – (here)

The VICE interview 2016 (here)

And the other ABC interview February 2016 (here)...which might help fill in the gaps in this “look at me” festival.

Raqqa – circa 2008


Jamie Williams is not the only Australian who felt compelled to fight in a war for the same reasons he outlines, just that they chose the other side ie Dr Tareq Kamleh seen in “Birthed Nation 2” (tangentcode) also appeared in the Daesh recruiting video circa 2015 (tangentcode)

Jamie was unable to become part of the ADF due to a drink driving conviction.



Amaq – February 17 2018 – Bahra

Amaq watermarked video allegedly showing Deash holding back the PKK in the vicinity of Bahra countryside.

*This is part of the attacks shown in “Inside the Caliphate – 7

The only issue here is that this is a staged one way fire fight. 

Not releated but incidental is this map showing returning Foreign Fighters.

Inside The Caliphate – 7

Number seven in the series released as a twenty odd minute, English subtitled rehash*(1). Familiar faces and voices are noted as is quiet a pathetic scene of a VBIED pilot picked up from a wheelchair and placed into the vehicle as small children cry pleading with him to stay. 

Emphasis is placed on the women fighters, who arrive at the front in the tub of a Hilux.

(For all an observer could tell it could be a man running around in a black cape.) 

The firefights take place along the southern side of the Euphrates battling the Kurds who end up getting dragged behind motorcycles after capture through bluff. 

come out or we will blow up the building

Part 6 (tangentcode)

Part 5 (tangentcode) includes link to Part 1-4 

Further reading

ISIS Beatles trapped trying to escape a sinking ship (here)

12th Feb – Baghdadi – alive (AJ)

*(1) -December 2016 

Inside 7

Sinai – Protectors of Islamic Law

Twenty two minute video from Sinai which from the beginning one would be forgiven for thinking they were watching a nature video which is an introduction to a string of roadside IED’s and ambush attacks on soldiers. 

In the final few minutes cars(taxi) are stopped and the passengers executed, shop keepers are attacked and executed for selling Sharia non-compliant items, such as tobacco. 

The release underlines the problems in the region as highlighted by the inclusion of the political machinations since the Arab Spring with the Muslim Brotherhood’s loss of political leverage.

Further reading – Germany gives $250 mil for economic reforms (here)

(BBC) – Egypt army says it killed 16 jihadists in Sinai


Australian Terror Event – stabbed while sleeping

Australian man stabbed in the neck by a Bangladesh student who was staying at his house, while he was asleep.

Momena Shoma, 24, travelled to Melbourne on a student visa arriving February 1st, is accused of stabbing a 56-year-old man as he slept at 4.25pm.

This follows Quranic instructions in Surah 47.4 – “When you meet the unbelievers, strike at the necks...”

The Bangladesh woman had arrived in Australia on February 1st, staying at an international student accommodation before moving in with the family in Mill Park, a suburb not far from the Latrobe University campus.

Momena Shoma is facing one count of engaging in a terrorist act under the Commonwealth Crimes Act Section 101.1

Section 101.1 of the Criminal Code makes it an offence punishable by life imprisonment for a person to engage in a terrorist act. While this offence is not drawn directly from any international convention or treaty, it reflects recent international attempts to proffer a definition of terrorism based on the intention to spread terror through ideologically motivated crimes.”

Feb 13th, 2018 – Sister of the ‘Muslim radical Bangladeshi student who carried out an ISIS-inspired attack on a Melbourne father is arrested after ‘STABBING an anti-terror policeman at her family home’

Past Bangladeshi related terror events – (tangentcode) Port Authority NY. 

August 2015 – (tangentcode)

Bengal September 2016 – (tangentcode) Dhaka attack.


And You Will Not Harm Him At All – al-Khayr

Seventeen minute production from Wilayat al-Khayr showing a fire fight  and looting on an artillery re-supply post. The video moves through a series of rants and stitched together archive clips, including the Mosul entourage, building up to the last scenes of over running the base, shooting the attempted evacuees as they flee in vehicles, their efforts to evade Daesh are in vein as they are either killed in the vehicle or captured, only to be executed.

One man attempts to fight back but is overwhealmed by automatic fire. 

Looted ammunition and canons are carted away.

Iraqi PM had declared the ISIS issue over (BBC), however after watching this release one may think quiet the opposite is the case.

Fighters fleeing other areas of defeat would likely be joining up with calls in Anbar, which has been known to CENTCOM as the “wild-west”.

Iraqi Army combing Anbar for remaining ISIS terrorists – (ABNA)

U.S. Troops Now Under ‘Frequent’ Attack at Iraqi Base – (Time)

Last month, the Pentagon declared there were “no reports” of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria firing on U.S. troops stationed at Iraq’s huge al-Asad base. This month, the Pentagon acknowledged Monday, ISIS has been routinely lobbing “completely ineffective” rounds at the U.S. troops training Iraqi forces at the base north of Baghdad.”

Sinia – War on Hamas

Twenty one minute video from Sinia released ealier in January with an appearance from Abu Kazem al-Maqdisi who urges attacks on Hamas positions.

The video includes the execution of a man for allegedly collaborating with security forces similar to the execution of civilian Hussein Jamal Iskender, (almasdar).

The tipping point seems to be the Trump administrations move of the Embassy to Jerusalem, something which is more likely to be due to cost and financial savings.

Awakening factions and Joining the Caliphate

Twenty one minute video from Halab which shows a group of seven men enrolling into Islamic State. The number seven has a an important meaning in this production.

specifying the number seven, it has to do with the creation and sahr’i commands of Allaah. Allaah created seven heavens, seven earths and seven days, and man’s creation is completed in seven stages” (here)

The men are shown being transported to a meeting point then to a Mosque for prayers from which they are then taken to what looks like a admin supply outlet where they are fitted with uniforms.

The last minutes include a training session and a kitting session until they are whisked away to the frontlines. The video follows the seven inductees pointing them out with digital labels as they traverse the training program which will look familiar to any person trained in urban warfare. Close proximity live fire training, flashbangs, which don’t flash, and some unique gymnastics are also shown as the men clamour over each other making human ladders to gain a tactical advantage fireing into empty bombed out buildings.

The ending shows one of the narrators climbing into a cobbled together VBIED only to vaporise on the horizon in a mushroom plume of TNT.

“The lights are on but nobody is home” look is clearly evident amongst the men who seem lost in a haze of illusion. Feeding drugs to soldiers in war is not a new thing and can be traced back to Alexander the Great (here) and even in modern times by Nazi Germany. (here) The bottom line here is that Daesh are still actively recruiting and seeking to draw upon the vast populous of disillusionment. 

Further Reading“Interpol circulates list of 173 suspected members of Isis suicide brigade” (TheGuardian)

Inside the Caliphate – 6


Number six in the series and mercifully a short four minutes. This is Abu Salih from America who ony gained media attention (here) from his name calling of American Politicians. (Part 5)

The video is dull and even with the multi camera editing it does n’t add the character to the production makeing Abu look a bit thick.


Inside the Caliphate – 5

Six minute finger pointing rant from Abdul Abbas via the weapons cleaning unit. The video is subtitled in English and basically consists of the same kill everyone dribble. (Part1-4)


Answer the Call – Hayat

“Answer the Call” is a two and half minute ‘music video’ which flashes through world terror events over the last two years delineated with kinetic titles and a chorus chant in English which basically calls for everyone to be killed, except Daesh.

The content includes a reference to Australia with an image of Yacqub Khayre from the June 2016 terror event in Melbourne. (tangentcode)

Police are on alert as a man was shot and killed in a robbery. (theage)

Further reading – (Lawfareblog)

Wounded In the Way of God – Furat

Twelve and a half minute video from Wilayat Furat drilling home the message, “no excuses”. This is a mantra Daesh have pushed with earnest in recent months, but the effort goes back to 2015 (tangentcode), that if you are injured, you must finish jihad, and hence the title.

The July 2017 video “One of Two Good Outcomes” is repeated in parts with fire fights that look familiar and the wheelchair bound mujahideen elevated to VBIED Pilots. 

There are a couple of odd moments, as with most Daesh videos, for example the care taken cleaning the external fixation sites, which is shown in the background as one of the narrations take place, and the choice of scissor to cut a small section of bandage (theatre for effect.)

This is followed by a man seen climbing into a VBIED with external fixation, something which seems like a waste of effort and resources when you consider the man is about to be blown to atoms.

Q – Why spend the resources and effort?

A  – This is part of the illusion of an escalator ride to heaven. The doctrine is strong and wipes the mind of any clear thinking. 

The wheelchair is shown a number of times which had been a point of interest in an Australia Investigation in which a wheelchair was to be used to carry an explosive device onto a passenger plane. (tangentcode) July 2017

The other fact is the pain killers and drugs would place these young men in a position of vulnerability open for manipulation and indoctrination, and from the looks in some of their eyes it would n’t be difficult.

Below is from a captured Daesh post – Tramadol is an opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain – Jan 2018

Don’t need to stand to weld.